Journey Through the Stars

Parte Tres: When Worlds Collide

Christina Smith

Sick bay. Kirk walks over to Captain Monastario.

Dr. McCoy: He's stable. Spock did a good job with his special "touch." He's been out ever since we brought him here.

Zorro Dos: How long will he be unconscious?

Dr. McCoy: It depends on how much pressure Spock applied and your friend here.

Zorro Dos: We aren't friends.

Kirk and McCoy look at each other. McCoy shakes his head.

Dr. McCoy whispers: What did you pick up?

Captain Kirk: It's not like I had a choice.

McCoy shrugs. Captain Monastario's eyes flutter open and he begins to move around.

Dr. McCoy: He's waking up.

Zorro Dos looks over with interest and apprehension.

Captain Monastario: Whe - where am I?

Captain Kirk: You're aboard the USS Enterprise.

Captain Monastario is silent for a minute: What?

Captain Kirk: The USS Enterprise. It's a spaceship.

Captain Monastario sits up and backs up as fast as he can on the bed: What deviltry is this?

Captain Kirk: It's not deviltry, it's science.

Captain Monastario does not appear to be comforted by Kirk's explanation. He looks at Zorro Dos: We have died and gone to Hell, huh, Zorro?

Zorro Dos smiles: I wouldn't say so.

Captain Monastario spots Zorro Uno: Two Zorros? Santa Maria! Do not tell me this is "science."

Captain Kirk: Not exactly. We believe the vortexes -

Captain Monastario: Vor-tex-es?

Captain Kirk: Yes. Portals through time and space.

Kirk stops as he notices Monastario pales. McCoy rushes to him, but he pushes McCoy out of the way and sees the sergeant.

Captain Monastario: Sergeant!

Sergeant Mendoza jumps down from the bed: Sí mi alcalde.

Captain Monastario: Sergeant Garcia get - alcalde?

Sergeant Mendoza: Garcia? Mi alcalde, I'm Sergeant Mendoza.

Captain Monastario: Alcalde? Why did you call me alcalde? Wait a minute. Who are you? I demand to know.

Sergeant Mendoza: I am Sergeant Mendoza of the Spanish army.

Captain Monastario: Where are you currently assigned.

Sergeant Mendoza: In the pueblo de Los Angeles.

Captain Monastario's eyes widen, then narrow: For how long?

Sergeant Mendoza: About four years.

Captain Monastario: Four years?! Then why haven't I heard of you?

Sergeant Mendoza: Mi alcalde -

Captain Monastario: Why do you keep calling me alcalde?

Sergeant Mendoza: Well -- aren't you?

Captain Monastario's face turns red with anger: I am Capitán Enriquez Sanchez Monastario! Commandante of the pueblo de Los Angeles.

Sergeant Mendoza: A capitán? Commandante?

Captain Monastario: You have a problem with that?

Sergeant Mendoza: It's just I've never heard of such a thing.

Captain Monastario: What? Capitáns have been commandantes as long as they've existed. Where did you ever get the notion that an "alcalde" was in charge of Los Angeles, I'll never know.

Zorro Uno: Because it's true.

Captain Monastario: You be quiet. Both of you! Sergeant Garc - Mendoza! Arrest them!

Sergeant Mendoza seems to hesitate.

Captain Monastario: What is wrong? I gave you an order.

Sergeant Mendoza: , but you're not the alcalde -

Captain Monastario: I am a capitán! You are a sergeant. When I give you an order, you obey. Did they not teach you that in the army?

Sergeant Mendoza: Sí, mi alcal - capitán.

Captain Monastario: Good. Now arrest them.

Sergeant Mendoza looks at the two Zorros before approaching them.

Zorro Uno: I'd be careful, sergeant, there are two of us and one of you.

Zorro Dos: He's right and if you are as "good" as Sergeant Garcia, than two of us will be more than enough for you to handle.

Sergeant Mendoza hesitates, looking at the two Zorros and Captain Monastario.

Captain Monastario rolls his eyes: You may not be Sergeant Garcia, but you sure act like him.

Sergeant Mendoza: Mi alcalde -

Captain Monastario: Capitán!

Sergeant Mendoza: Mi capitán, there are two of them. The Zorro I know always defeats me and carves a "Z" in my uniform.

Zorro Dos: Good to know some things do not change, right capitán?

Captain Monastario: Just like Sergeant Garcia. Señor?

Captain Kirk: Yes?

Captain Monastario: I would like to speak to the person in charge of this vessel.

Captain Kirk: I am in charge.

Captain Monastario: Good. I require assistance, obviously, in holding these two prisoners.

Captain Kirk: Why are they your prisoners?

Captain Monastario: They are enemies to the King of Spain.

Zorro Dos: I am an enemy of your tyranny. I am loyal to the King and Spain.

Zorro Uno: As am I. I don't know this capitán, but if he is like our alcalde, then I'm not his friend.

Captain Kirk: Gentlemen, whatever your situation is, it's between all of you. The Federation has strict rules about interfering in other planets' affairs. In one way or another. I can't arrest anyone unless the present a threat to my crew or ship.

Captain Monastario: Believe me, Zorro, either one of them, is a threat.

Zorro Dos: I am only a threat to your injustice.

Captain Monastario reaches to his side and stops: Where is my sword?

Captain Kirk: We removed your weapons when you brought on board.

Captain Monastario scowls: You lucked out this time, Zorro. Both of you.

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To be continued...