Journey Through the Stars

Parte Dos: New People, New Discoveries

Christina Smith

Captain Kirk: Captain's log supplement. After receiving orders form Star Fleet, we have begun our journey to the unknown coordinates. Mr. Spock and I have gone to sick bay to check on our extra passengers.

Sick bay. Kirk and Spock walk in. Captain Monastario is laying on one of the beds, still unconscious. The life monitor indicates he is alive and well. Sergeant Mendoza is also on one of the beds. He looks as though he is about to jump out of his skin at the slightest sound or movement. The two Zorros are staring at each other while McCoy is examining Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan. Once he sees Kirk and Spock, he motions the nurse over. The nurse takes over McCoy's duties and he walks over to the side. Kirk and Spock follow him. As they pass by Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan, Qui-Gon stops them.

Qui-Gon: Excuse me, Captain, but when will it be possible to return to our ship?

Captain Kirk: I'm afraid it won't be for sometime. We've been ordered to go somewhere and you'll be our passengers for this voyage. Hopefully when this is over, we can return you to your ship.

Qui-Gon nods: Thank you, Captain.

Kirk nods to Qui-Gon and wishes he could tell Qui-Gon more, but at the moment Qui-Gon knows as much as he does. He reaches McCoy and Spock.

Captain Kirk: What is it, Bones?

Dr. McCoy: What is going on?

Captain Kirk: We've been contacted by Star Fleet. Star Fleet gave us some coordinates, but we don't know where were going or why. Why do you ask?

Dr. McCoy lowers his voice: We have some strange passengers.

Captain Kirk smiles: I know that, but tell me how they are strange.

Dr McCoy indicates the two Zorros: Those two have the same DNA structure, but they come from different places.

Mr. Spock: Considering they are the same person, it's stands to reason their DNA would be the same.

Dr. McCoy looks briefly at Mr. Spock then back at the two Zorros: Then why aren't they the same height and build? They also speak differently.

Mr. Spock: I believe I have the answer to your question, doctor. While we were on the two Earths, I took a few samples of each planet. I found they were identical in ever aspect, except one.

Dr. McCoy: Which is?

Mr. Spock: The people. Whereas the two Zorros are identical in DNA structure, their background is different. Such as eating habits schooling, and any training they received.

Dr. McCoy smirks at Mr. Spock's explanation: Sounds logical.

Mr. Spock: Precisely.

Captain Kirk: Anything else, Bones?

Mr. McCoy nods towards Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan: Yes. Those two. We took a sample from them and their DNA has an extra unknown component.

Qui-Gon: Midi-chlorians.

They all turn to the Jedi.

Dr. McCoy: What was that?

Qui-Gon: It's called midi-chlorians. It's a life form residing in our cells. It allows a Jedi to communicate with the Force.

Captain Kirk: What's the "Force?"

Qui-Gon: It is the life force in all living things which connects us all throughout the universe. It gives us the ability to communicate with various life forms.

Mr. Spock raises his right eyebrow: Fascinating. Sounds almost like some Vulcan characteristics.

Dr. McCoy rolls his eyes: Just what we need. More Vulcans.

Obi-Wan: Excuse me, but what are Vulcans? We haven't come across any yet.

Mr. Spock: I'm a Vulcan and if you like, I will introduce you to my background and perhaps you can tell me of yourselves. I'm most interested to learn about this "Force."

Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan look at one another then turn back to Spock.

Qui-Gon: It sounds like a reasonable request. We agree.

Mr. Spock: Very good. Captain?

Kirk knows it will be an excellent chance for Spock to learn more about their strange passengers. At this point, any information they have about them is a plus.

Captain Kirk: Yes, of course. We have plenty of time before our rendezvous with destiny.

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