Journey Through the Stars

Parte Uno: Journey Through the Vortexes

Christina Smith

Captain Kirk: Stardate 4789.3. Captain's Log. We have traveled through some vortex. Although we appear undamaged, this part of the galaxy is unknown to us. We have tried several attempts to reach Star Fleet unsuccessfully. We will keep trying.

Intercom (Mr. Spock): Captain, we are approaching a planet, much like planet Earth, except the reports are very different.

Captain Kirk: Different? How?

Intercom (Mr. Spock): It's not as densely populated and the building structures are not the same.

Captain Kirk: Meet me in the transporter room.

Transporter room. Kirk, Spock, and McCoy are standing in the slots. Scotty is at the controls.

Captain Kirk: Beam us down, Scotty.

Scotty: Aye, aye, Cap'n.

The three are beamed down to the surface below. McCoy looks around cautiously, then takes a deep breath.

Dr. McCoy: Jim, smell the air. It's so fresh.

Captain Kirk: Yes, it is. It's Earth all right, but I don't know where we are. Spock, do you know where we are located?

Spock looks at his computer: We appear to be in what is known as Los Angeles, California.

Dr. McCoy: Impossible. Los Angeles never looked this pretty.

Captain Kirk: Yes it did, but not in our time, in another time...

Dr. McCoy: Do you mean we are here on Earth, but in a different time?

Captain Kirk: That's exactly what I mean.

Mr. Spock: That's highly illogical to travel through time. We have not done anything to travel through time.

Captain Kirk: But the vortex we went through may have caused us to travel through time.

Spock is about to speak but is interrupted by sound of horses.

Captain Kirk: Looks like we have company.

Two riders approach them. One is on a black horse and dressed in black. The other is on a palomino dressed in a blue uniform with a red band across his wide chest. Once the riders see them, they stop. The large man dismounts and heads straight for them, followed by the man in black. Kirk sees this as a critical moment and makes a decision.

Captain Kirk: Scotty, beam us up.

Moments later, in the transporter room, shapes slowly materialize.

Dr. McCoy: What was that?

Captain Kirk: I don't know, but I'm glad we got out of there while we could.

Kirk turns around to look at McCoy, but stops when he sees two additional figures. McCoy and Spock notice his reaction and turn to look in his direction. The large man and the man dressed in black are there, looking confused.

Captain Kirk: Scotty, you were supposed to beam us up, not additional people.

Scotty looks very distressed: That's what I set it to, Cap'n, but the vortex must have scrambled the transport. I'm doin' all I can!

Kirk, Spock, and McCoy slowly depart their slots.

Captain Kirk whispers to Scotty: Beam them down, Scotty.

Scotty: Aye, aye, Cap'n.

Scotty prepares to beam them down. Suddenly, the ship starts to rock violently. Kirk knows what this means. They have found another vortex and will be making another trip. He only wishes he knew where.

The trip seems to last longer this time, though Kirk knows time has no meaning in a vortex. Then quickly as the rocking started it stops. But where are we? Kirk wonders. He quickly heads over to the intercom.

Captain Kirk: Uhura?

Intercom (Uhura): Yes, Captain?

Captain Kirk: Send a distress message to Star Fleet on all hailing frequencies.

Intercom (Uhura): Aye, aye, Captain.

Kirk turns back to his crewmen and the extra passengers.

Large Man: What happened, Zorro?

Man in Black: I don't know.

Large Man crosses himself: Mother of God!

Captain Kirk: Spock, do you know what language they would be speaking?

Mr. Spock: I believe it would be Spanish, Captain. Very common for Los Angeles during the 19th century.

Captain Kirk: 19th century?

Mr. Spock: Analysis of the planet does date back to 19th century.

Kirk looks at the two men. They look around, but appear as though they don't want to go any further then where they landed.

Man in Black: Me and my "companion" would like to know how we got here.

Kirk hesitates. How will he explain to a person living in the 19 century about beaming? He will try his best.

Captain Kirk: You have been through a process called "beaming" where one object is moved from one point to another.

Man in Black: Amazing.

The large man looks horrified and crosses himself again.

Man in Black: I think Sergeant Mendoza thinks it is some kind of witchcraft. By the way, I am Zorro.

Captain Kirk: Zorro?

Mr. Spock: I believe it is Spanish for "fox," Captain.

Zorro: Correct.

Captain Kirk: Oh. Well, I'm Captain Kirk, this is Dr. McCoy, Scotty, and Mr. Spock.

Zorro and Sergeant Mendoza nod to everyone. After they nod to Spock, Sergeant Mendoza crossed himself again and Zorro looks at him strangely.

Sergeant Mendoza: Mother of God!

Zorro: Your friend's appearance is quite strange.

Captain Kirk: Yes, we get that reaction a lot.

Kirk smiles in spite of himself, while Spock has shown no interest otherwise. Kirk thinks of what to do with the passengers when he hears the alarm go off. He rushes back to the intercom.

Captain Kirk: Uhura?

Intercom (Uhura): Sir, a ship has just appeared on the screen. It's like none we've ever seen before.

Captain Kirk: I'll be right there.

Kirk is headed out the door, they automatically slide open for him. He looks back and motions Spock to join him.

Captain Kirk: Bones, you stay with Zorro and Sergeant Mendoza, I'm going to check out our visitor.

Kirk and Spock head up to the bridge. The viewer shows a strange ship. Spock heads over to his computer.

Mr. Spock: The ship is not classified with Star Fleet, Captain.

Captain Kirk: Can you get life form readings?

Mr. Spock: Yes, two life forms. Apparently humanoid, Captain.

Spock looks at Kirk and awaits orders. Before Kirk can say anything a voice enters the bridge.

Voice: State your name and business.

Captain Kirk: This is the USS Enterprise. We request safe passage through your area.

Voice: Where are you headed?

Captain Kirk: To Earth, third planet from the sun in the solar system.

There is a long pause and Kirk starts to worry.

Voice: There is no such planet on our star charts. Prepare to be boarded.

Captain Kirk: Wait, we'll beam you aboard.

Another pause.

Voice: Very well, commence with "beaming."

Transporter room a few minutes later. Kirk and Spock wait in the transporter room. Zorro and Sergeant Mendoza are no longer there. Scotty informs Kirk they were taken to sick bay for observation. They all prepare for their new arrivals.

The air glows and two figures take shape. One is a young man, possibly in his twenties. His companion has a beard and is older. They are wearing loose fitting clothing and each has a belt with various objects on them. The older man speaks, it is the voice they heard on the bridge.

Voice: I am Qui-Gon and this is my apprentice, Obi-Wan.

Captain Kirk: I am Captain Kirk, this is Scotty, and Mr. Spock.

Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan nod to them, they are not phased by Spock's appearance.

Qui-Gon: We received your message and have come to investigate. Please tell us where you want to go; perhaps we can help.

Kirk is surprised, but they do need the help. He decides to take Qui-Gon on his offer when the ship rocks again. Not another one, he thinks. Suddenly the USS Enterprise stops. Kirk picks himself up and runs to the intercom.

Captain Kirk: Uhura?

Intercom (Uhura): Yes, Captain?

Captain Kirk: Where are we?

Intercom (Uhura): Chekov says we are located in the solar system, heading towards the third planet from the sun. It's Earth.

Captain Kirk smiles: Good. Perhaps we can drop off our two passengers.

Obi-Wan: But we aren't headed for Earth, Captain Kirk.

Captain Kirk: We have two other passengers we picked up before you.

Mr. Spock: Captain?

Captain Kirk: Yes, Spock.

Mr. Spock: If your theory about these strange occurences is true, then we should check before returning them.

Kirk thinks about it a moment. Spock is right. He doesn't want any more incidents like the last two. They had better check the planet out first, but first he needs to take care of his new passengers.

Kirk walks over to the intercom: Bones, can you come to the transporter room?

Intercom (Dr. McCoy): I'll be there in a minute.

When McCoy arrives he looks at the two new arrivals with interest.

Captain Kirk: Can you take care of them?

Dr. McCoy: I'm a doctor, Jim, not a babysitter.

Mr. Spock: But they aren't babies.

McCoy looks at Spock indigintly.

McCoy motions to Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan: Come on. I'm Dr. McCoy.

The two men bow and McCoy seems to be taken back, but he smirks as he leads them to sick bay. Kirk and Spock get in their transporter slots.

Captain Kirk: Beam us down, Scotty.

Scotty: Aye, aye, Cap'n.

They beam down on what appears to be Earth, but the landscape looks different.

Captain Kirk: This doesn't look like the same spot we landed before. Analysis?

Spock looks at his computer: It is Earth, the same year as before, and the coordinates are the same as the first time.

Kirk looks around tyring to orient himself with his surroundings. Then he hears something.

Captain Kirk: Do you hear that?

Mr. Spock indicates some trees: Yes, it appears to becoming over there.

They walk over to the trees and peer into a clearing where they see two men fencing. One man is wearing a uniform, similar to the one Sergeant Mendoza is wearing on the ship. The other man is dressed in black, like Zorro.

Captain Kirk: That looks like Zorro.

Mr. Spock: It would appear to be so.

Captain Kirk: But how can he be here and on the ship at the same time?

Mr. Spock: It's illogical.

Captain Kirk: I know it's illogical, but how is it possible.

Mr. Spock thinks a moment: Perhaps it's another Zorro.

Captain Kirk thinks a moment: Yes, we are in an alternate universe. This is Zorro and so is the man aboard our ship. Well, we can't beam the first Zorro to Earth. We better beam up.

Mr. Spock: That would be very wise.

Captain Kirk: Scotty, beam us up.

They are getting ready to beam up when he sees the man in uniform dive for him, with the man in black close behind.

Not again, Kirk thinks. Then the world below him disappears and the transporter room slowly appears. He looks around. His suspicions are confirmed, the two men have beamed aboard with them. Maybe this time they can beam them back in time. Just as he is about to tell Scotty to beam them down, the Enterprise lurches forward and he knows they are going through another vortex. As soon as they stop, Kirk runs to the intercom.

Captain Kirk: Uhura?

Intercom (Uhura): Yes, Captain?

Captain Kirk: Where are we?

Intercom (Uhura): We are back where we started. Before we started going through the vortexes.

Captain Kirk: You're sure?

Intercom (Uhura): Yes, Captain. In fact, I'm getting a message from Star Fleet. It's urgent.

Captain Kirk: I'm on my way.

Kirk looks behind him at the new passengers he's picked up and finds the man in uniform slumped over. He looks at Spock questioningly.

Mr. Spock: He was about to attack.

That's all the explanation Kirk needs. He knows Spock applied the Vulcan Nerve Pinch. Zorro looks confused.

Zorro Dos: What happened?

Captain Kirk: You've been transported aboard our ship.

Zorro Dos: This is unlike any ship I have ever been on.

Captain Kirk: It's called a space ship: the USS Enterprise.

Zorro Dos: Space? I'm in space?

Captain Kirk: Yes, you are.

Zorro Dos: How is this possible?

Captain Kirk: I hope to have the explanation as soon as possible. Until then, I'll have someone take care of you.

Kirk walks over to the intercom and dreads pressing the button. McCoy will be upset when he discovers they have picked up more passengers.

Captain Kirk: McCoy?

Intercom (Dr. McCoy): Yes, Captain?

Captain Kirk: We have two more passengers headed your way to sick bay.

Intercom (Dr. McCoy almost shouting): Two more! Captain, I hope this is the last two.

Captain Kirk: So do I. I'll be on the bridge.

Kirk and Spock are on the bridge as the message from Star Fleet comes.

Star Fleet: USS Enterprise, do you copy?

Captain Kirk: Yes, we do. We're here.

Star Fleet: Good. Do you have the two passengers?

Captain Kirk: We have six, but how did you know we had extra passengers?

Star Fleet: Six? I'm afraid something has gone wrong.

Captain Kirk: Something has gone wrong indeed. What is going on?

Star Fleet: You've been traveling through vortexes, correct?

Captain Kirk: Yes. Star Fleet, do you want to tell us what is happening?

Star Fleet: I can't tell you much at the moment, but you must head for these coordinates immediately. All your questions will be answered there. Star Fleet out.

Captain Kirk: Chekov, do you have the coordinates?

Chekov: Yes, Captain.

Captain Kirk: Well, then, let's go.

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