Bad Times In LA

Parte Dos-E

Nancy Smith

"I just remembered, I may have to borrow something to sleep in! I didn't know I was going to stay all night!" she said somewhat embarrassed.

Diego slightly chuckled as he looked at her affectionately. "Don't worry, we have some nightgowns in a trunk that used to be my mother's. Either that, or you're welcome to borrow one of my nightshirts!" he teased.

Victoria shook her head and slightly smiled. "I think I'd rather wear the nightgown!" she responded decidedly. She quickly looked at him resolutely. "Thank you for letting me stay here! I'll be glad to sit up with Felipe tonight if you want me to?" she offered kindly.

Diego shook his head and looked at her earnestly. "Definitely not! You've been working hard all day, and you even sat with Felipe while I went for the doctor! You need to get your rest! Either Dr. Hernandez or myself will sit up with him tonight. You however are going to bed!" he responded pretending to be stern.

Diego turned to Dr. Hernandez. "I'll show you and Victoria to your rooms tonight. Dr. I hope you don't mind, I may put you next to Felipe's room in case he becomes worse!" He turned to Victoria. "There's a room at the end of the hall that's a guest bedroom, you can sleep there." He replied earnestly. "I'm going to stay in here with Felipe tonight in case he gets worse. Which reminds me" he trailed somewhat hesitantly. "I need to fix that that medicine!" he replied resolutely.

Dr. Hernandez spoke up decidedly. "I'll be more than happy to fix Felipe's medicine. I just need to know where your kitchen is!" he replied earnestly.

Alejandro patted Dr. Hernandez on the back and smiled. "I'll be glad to show you doctor!" he replied amiably as he directed Hernandez toward the door.

Dr. Hernandez and Alejandro took the packets and left to make up the medicine.

After Dr. Hernandez and Alejandro left, Victoria walked over and sat on the side of Felipe's bed and gently caressed his face. She looked upon his soft pale face and watched him as he slept.

"Poor Felipe, I hope that medicine works! For his sake!" she whispered as she looked up at Diego anxiously.

As Diego looked into her eyes, there was so much he wanted to say to her! For instance he was sorry for not saying how he truly felt about her and how much he really loved her! Victoria was right! Why couldn't he say it? He was so used to hiding behind the mask and saying it. Maybe that was the problem! Maybe he had worn his disguise so long, that he didn't know how to act as Diego anymore! And who is the real Diego? Had he truly lost his identity as Diego?

He slightly blinked and inwardly shook himself from his muddled reverie. Diego stepped up to Felipe's bed and lightly kissed Felipe's forehead and gently touched his cheek and sighed. He suddenly felt a tear roll down his face and he quickly wiped it away. Victoria cast a compassionate gaze upon Diego's face and reached out and took his hand and lightly pressed it into her hand. Diego looked down at her and shook his head.

"I'm sorry! I just want him to be well!" he stated sadly. He slipped his hand from Victoria's and walked over and sat in a chair by the bed. He rested his head upon his hand and sat staring aimlessly at Felipe.

"That should be me lying there, not Felipe!" he muttered regretfully more to himself than to anyone.

Victoria stood up and walked over to Diego and sat on the edge of the bed and looked at him earnestly. "Diego, it's not your fault! In fact, it's no one's fault. It just happened!" she replied resolutely.

He raised his head up and looked at her bitterly. "Just like when my mother died, and your parents died and when Felipe's parents died! And now him being sick! I suppose those things JUST HAPPENED!" he retorted angrily. He rose from his chair and walked over and stood beside Felipe's bed and stared at Felipe's pale features as he lay sleeping.

Victoria sighed and walked over to Diego. It was obvious that Felipe's illness had released some painful deep-seated emotions in Diego that he had kept suppressed for many years and was definitely causing him some distress.

She put a reassuring hand on his shoulder and looked at him compassionately. "Diego, you know yourself that sometimes things happen that we have no control over. It's no one's fault that they happen, but they just do! It's very painful when it happens and sometimes it takes a long time to get over it, but we eventually do and go on with our lives! You and Alejandro, my brothers and me and Felipe, we all managed to get on with our lives after our loved ones died! That's the way life is! Especially Felipe! He was so lucky that you found him and took care of him. If he had not come to live with you and Alejandro, who knows how he would have turned out! As it is, you and Alejandro have taught him so much and he has become one of the finest young boys I have ever known." Concluded Victoria.

Diego looked at her intently as she spoke. 'She was right. It wasn't his fault that his mother died. After all, he was just a young boy. And it wasn't his fault that Felipe got sick. Neither he nor Felipe had any control over that! It just suddenly happened. Neither Felipe nor Victoria had any control over their parents dying. Like she said, things happen and you just have to go on with your life and do the best you can. He looked at her remorsefully and sighed.

"I'm sorry Victoria! I didn't mean to dredge up all those painful memories! Here I am feeling sorry for myself, when I should be taking care of Felipe! Please forgive me!" he replied resolutely.

Victoria looked at Diego sympathetically and smiled. Her eyes looked deep into his as she spoke. "It's all right Diego. Sometimes when we're upset, we say and do things we don't always mean. The most important thing right now is to concentrate on getting Felipe well! I'll do everything I can to help!" she replied warmly.

Diego wrapped his arms around Victoria and looked passionately into her eyes. "Victoria, I" Victoria inwardly held her breath, as she looked into his eyes, hoping to hear the words she wanted him to say.

At that moment, Alejandro and Dr. Hernandez opened the door and came into the room. Dr. Hernandez walked over carrying a tray with Felipe's medicine and set it on a table. Diego slightly blinked and looked up at his father and Dr. Hernandez. He released Victoria from his embrace and walked over to the table and poured some of the tea into a cup that the doctor had brought from the kitchen. Victoria slightly shook her head and sighed. Again he had missed his chance to tell her and she had missed her chance to hear him say it. She wondered if there would ever come another time when he would really tell her.

Diego lightly shook Felipe as he awakened him and helped him sit up so he could drink the tea that Dr. Hernandez had prepared. Diego held the cup while Felipe sipped some of the tea. He slightly grimaced as he drank it and shook his head. Diego slightly smiled as he helped Felipe lay back on his pillow and pulled the covers up around him.

"It's ok Felipe. I know it tastes bad, but it will make you better!" He replied resolutely.

Felipe weakly signed asking Diego how anything that tasted so bad could make you feel better?

Diego slightly chuckled and smiled. Even as sick as he was he still retained his wry sense of humor.

"You know Felipe, that's one mystery I don't think I have ever figured out!" he replied as he sat on the side of his bed and gently caressed his face. "Get some rest now." He smiled.

Diego turned down Felipe's lamp and quietly ushered everyone out of the room.

Diego and Alejandro gathered up some extra blankets along with an extra nightshirt and nightgown for Victoria and Dr. Hernandez, and showed them to their respective rooms.

Alejandro gave Dr. Hernandez his blankets and nightshirt and then went to bed. As Diego handed Victoria her nightgown and blankets he stood for a moment and looked at her thoughtfully and sighed and shook his head. Victoria looked intently at him somewhat curiously.

"What is it Diego, what's wrong?" she inquired looking into his eyes.

Diego shook his head. "It's nothing. It wasn't important! Good night Victoria, I hope you sleep well!" he replied as he smiled warmly at her.

"Thank you, Diego. Good night." She replied. He turned and walked back to Felipe's room.

As Victoria dressed and got into bed she reached over and turned out her lamp. She lay back on her pillow and wondered what it was Diego wanted to say. She guessed it really wasn't anything important, otherwise he would have said itor would he? She pulled the covers up around her and sighed and said a silent prayer for Felipe's recovery.

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