A Tale of Two Outlaws

Parte Dos

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Acme HQ, San Francisco, a week later

Ivy and Zack were in Acme Headquarters, trying to figure out where Carmen was going to strike next. That was never easy, especially when Carmen had not stolen anything for three weeks.

That's when the Chief said, "Hot tip! Carmen's gotten away with a sculpture inside the Thorvaldsens Museum!"

"The Thorvaldsens Museum?" asked Zack. "Isn't that a museum devoted to Bertel Thorvaldsen?"

A picture of Bertel Thorvaldsen came up as the Chief said, "Yes, it is. Thorvaldsen was a Danish neo-classicist sculpture. In fact,

he was Denmark's greatest sculptor. He studied in Copenhagen, then went to Rome to further his training. He is best known for such works as 'Jason and the Golden Fleece', 'Lion of Lucerne', 'A Shepherd Boy', and 'Ganymede'."

"Wasn't Ganymede a famous Trojan youth whom Zeus kidnapped because he needed a new cupbearer?" asked Ivy.

A funny picture of Ganymede's kidnapping appeared as the Chief said, "He was. Zeus, apparently, was impressed by his handsomeness, so he disguised himself as an eagle and carried off Ganymede. Hey, look out!"

Apparently, Ganymede had the Chief's face, so when the eagle came to sweep "Ganymede" away, he took the Chief.

"Drop me, you stupid bird!" yelled the Chief.

Sure enough, the eagle dropped "Ganymede", who fell to the ground shaken but unharmed. The picture faded in an instant.

"Well, let's go," said Ivy, always ready to chase Carmen.

"Player, C-5 us to Copenhagen, Denmark," said Zack.

The C-5 corridor opened and as Ivy and Zack disappeared inside it, the Chief said,

"You're on your way from San Francisco, California, to Copenhagen, the capital of Denmark."

Thorvaldsens Museum, Copenhagen, 5:00 PM

Once Ivy and Zack arrived on the scene, the police briefed them on what had happened Apparently, Carmen had gotten some of her henchmen inside to steal "A Shepherd Boy", a marble sculpture done between 1817 and 1825. Carmen's henchmen used a forklift to steal the sculpture, and then they had carried it out the back to a waiting van. About that time, the guards found the sculpture missing and they pursued the thieves, but lost them.

Returning to the museum, they found a doll located near where "A Shepherd Boy" was once located. A doll which they gave to Ivy and Zack as soon as they arrived. The doll was dressed in a colorful dress. Zack examined the back, where he found two settings. He pressed one.

Immediately the doll began to dance to some music. Zack immediately recognized it.

"Hey, that doll's doing the flamenco, a world-famous Spanish dance!"

"Why would Carmen send us a doll that could do the flamenco?" asked Ivy.

"Maybe because she wants us to go to Spain," said Zack.

"What does the other setting do?" asked Ivy.

"Let's find out," said Zack. He pressed the other setting.

The doll began to speak in Spanish.

"What does it say, Zack?" asked Ivy.

"It says, 'Look for a famous milk maid which can only be found in a painting,'" said Zack, who knew Spanish.

"It has to be a milk maid in a Spanish painting. The flamenco clue does point us to Spain. But where in Spain? Player, access Spanish paintings featuring milk maids."

A beautiful picture of a milk maid appeared as the Chief said, "Shortly before his death in 1828, Francisco de Goya y Lucientes painted a picture of a milk maid in Bordeaux, France, where he was staying to escape the harsh rule of King Ferdinand VII. It was entitled 'The Milk Maid of Bordeaux.'"

As the Chief spoke, the picture changed from that of a milkmaid to that of Goya and then that of Ferdinand VII.

"Goya!" said Ivy. "He was one of the most famous painters in Spanish history, wasn't he?"

"He sure was," said Zack. "Where is this painting located?"

"It's located, along with most of Goya's paintings, inside the Prado Museum in Madrid," said the Chief.

"Player, C-5 us to the Prado Museum in Madrid, Spain," said Zack. "Carmen's trail just heated up!"

They disappeared in the C-5 corridor where the Chief told them all about Spain.

"Ah, Spain. It's famous for its colorful bullfights, its nice climate, and its castles. Madrid, its capital city, has the Prado Museum, which contains one of the world's finest art collections, and the National Library in Madrid, which has more than 3 million volumes," said the Chief. "Next stop, the Prado Museum."

The Prado Museum, Madrid, 5:02 PM

Carmen picked up the painting she wanted. "The Milk Maid of Bordeaux" was a lovely painting, one of Goya's most serene ones. That was very interesting considering that this was painted toward the end of his life, when he was an exile and after a series of paintings dealing with very violent themes. Afterwards, she had one more theft to make, and that one was actually the most important one of all.

One of her henchmen from California had found out that on a Luiseno reservation in California, there was a shaman who had a recipe for an herbal medicine that healed gunshot wounds -- the kind of wound Don Diego suffered from. She planned to steal the medicine and use it to treat Diego's wound. Of course, once she was done with it, if there was any of it left, she'd let the detectives recover it, just as she planned to let the detectives recover the sculpture and this painting.

At that moment, she heard the sound of the C-5 behind her. Turning around, she saw Ivy and Zack emerge.

"Nice day for an arrest, huh, Carmen?" Ivy asked.

"Well, well, look who's here," she said. "Come and catch me, detectives."

And with that she ran out of Room 36, where the painting was located, and into Room 37. Once inside Room 37, she ran out the door, and toward the stairs. Behind her, she heard Ivy and Zack. It was time for her latest escape.

Outside Room 37

Ivy reached the hallway and ran toward the stairway. Zack was right behind her.

They saw Carmen racing past Room 39, then saw her stop at the stairs.

"We've got you now, Carmen!" Ivy cried.

That's when Carmen raised her right arm and touched something on her right wrist. Immediately, a line and hook shot out and wrapped itself around the railing.

Carmen leapt over the railing and the line shot down toward the ground floor. Ivy and Zack raced down the stairs, and Ivy got a brief glimpse of Carmen running toward the Murillo Door.

By the time Ivy and Zack reached the ground floor and the Murillo Door, however, Carmen was already outside. Outside, Ivy and Zack saw Carmen starting her red motorcycle-like vehicle.

Carmen did not close the cockpit right away, however. Instead, she said, "Nice job, detectives. Here."

And with that, she threw to them a globe, which Ivy ran to catch. Fortunately, Carmen had a very good arm and Ivy caught it easily.

Carmen then said, "I'm off to see someone who practices Changichngish."

With that she closed the cockpit and drove away. Before the detectives could get any motorcycles to pursue her, however, the vehicle sprouted wings. A jet engine fired, and within minutes, Carmen was in the air and flying away from Madrid.

"She got away again!" Ivy yelled, frustrated over Carmen's cleverness.

"Well, at least we got a clue," said Zack.

"Two," said Ivy. She looked at the globe Carmen had given her. It had a strange scene inside it. A scene of a beach and waves, almost like an ocean.

"An ocean beach?" asked Ivy. "I don't get it."

Ten minutes later

Both Zack and Ivy were still trying to figure out what the significance of the globe was. However, they were getting nowhere.

"Maybe we should try the other clue she gave," said Zack. Player, access the word Carmen gave us -- Changichngish."

The Chief said, "Changichngish was both the name of a chief of the Luiseno tribe of southern California, and of a religion of that particular tribe.

"The chief provided remedies for illnesses and diseases, and ways to conserve and manage Luiseno tribal religion.

"The religion named after him thrived at villages associated with the Mission San Luis Rey, which was founded in 1798. It was apparently a desperate and ultimately successful effort to keep their culture as continuous as possible in the midst of all the changes due to the Spanish invasion."

(Author's note: the previous information was obtained from the Encyclopedia of North American Indians by Frederick Hoxie. I found it at my workplace -- a library.)

Ivy asked, "But what does it have to do with this globe with a beach and waves?

"How many reservations in California have Luiseno Indians on it?" asked Zack.

"Six," said the Chief. "They're all in San Diego and Riverside Counties. There's the Pala Indian Reservation about 50 miles from Oceanside, California --

"Wait a second!" Zack cried. "The Mission San Luis Rey is near Oceanside, and if I remember my history correctly, there was a related mission called San Antonio de Pala, in San Diego county."

"And Oceanside is in that county!" cried Ivy, suddenly seeing the truth.

"That's why Carmen's globe had a beach and waves. She was suggesting Oceanside, California!" Ivy realized.

"And she wants us to go to the Pala Indian Reservation near Oceanside," said Zack. "But what would attract her attention there?"

"I don't know but let's find out," said Ivy. "Player, C-5 us to the Pala Indian Reservation near Oceanside, California."

The C-5 corridor opened. Ivy and Zack disappeared inside it.

"You're on your way from Madrid to the Pala Indian Reservation near Oceanside, California, once a possession of Spain," the Chief said.

Pala Indian Reservation, California, 8:15 AM

Zack and Ivy arrived at the reservation.

"Now where do we go?" asked Ivy.

"She said that she was going to see someone who practiced Changichngish," said Zack.

"That's not much help," said Ivy. "Many Luiseno natives here probably practice that religion, as well as the Roman Catholic religion."

"Yes, but the ones who'd probably practice it most are the local chief or the local shaman. I'd say we begin by trying to find either person."

At that moment, a hovercraft flew above one of the facilities on the reservation, then quickly parked. It was a red hovercraft.

Before the detectives could react, several blue-coated henchmen came out -- as did Carmen!

"It's Carmen!" said Ivy. They raced over to the building.

Shaman Running Brook's office

The local shaman, Running Brook, heard the sound of the hovercraft outside.Since she'd been busy treating a member of her tribe who was sick, she ignored it. But she could not ignore the entrance of several strange men in blue coats and an equally strange woman dressed in a long red coat.

"What do you want?" she asked.

The woman spoke, "My name is Carmen Sandiego. Would you please tell me where the medicine to treat gunshot wounds is?"

"Why should I tell you?" the shaman asked.

"Two reasons," said Carmen. "One, I wish to use your medicine to help someone who has suffered a gunshot wound and needs that treatment. He's an outlaw I know and I can't get him to the hospital, since I'm a thief myself."

"I'm sorry, but I can't help you," Running Brook said. "I only give medicine to fellow Native Americans."

"Then I'm afraid I'm going to have to hold you captive until I do find it," said Carmen. "That's the other reason why you should have told me."

The henchmen came forward and surrounded Running Brook. Luckily, they didn't have to hold her very long. Carmen spotted a cabinet and went to check it. It was the medicine cabinet, and inside it was Running Brooks's medicines.

Carmen picked up a medication and took a look at it. The medicine was labelled in both the Takic language and Spanish. Since Carmen knew Spanish, she read the label. It was the medicine she needed.

"Thank you very much, shaman," said Carmen. "If there's any left when I'm done with it, I'll return it to you."

Then she turned -- in time to see Zack and Ivy come in.

"Excuse me, shaman," said Carmen. "But I believe I had better use your back door. Get your medical instruments to a safe place."

Then she ran the other way. As Ivy and Zack moved to follow her, they were confronted by Carmen's henchmen. There were three henchmen.

Ivy quickly took care of two of them with her famous karate chop. Zack dodged the third, and Ivy, having taken care of the other two, knocked out the third one.

She then told Running Brook, "Have the Reservation police arrest those three."

That gave Carmen time to get out the back door, however, and by the time Ivy and Zack could find her, she was outside, racing toward her hovercraft with the herbal medicine in her hand.

Ivy and Zack tried to reach her, but Carmen got inside before they could do so. She quickly started the hovercraft. As the hovercraft began to lift off the ground, Carmen said,

"I'm off to a city named for a famous fighter for Texan independence."

The hovercraft lifted off the ground, then a jet engine fired and it flew toward the west.

Running Brook came out of her office as the cops came in.

"What did she want?" asked Zack in Spanish.

The shaman made a reply in Spanish as well.

"Well?" asked Ivy.

"She said that Carmen wanted a tribal herbal medicine that could treat wounds, in particular, gunshot wounds," Zack said.

"I don't get it," said Ivy. "First, she steals a sculpture that's from the 1820s, then she steals a painting that's also from the 1820s, then she steals a herbal medicine. What's the connection?"

"If we find out where Carmen's headed, we could find out what the connection is," said Zack.

"Player, access famous fighters for Texan independence," said Ivy.

Pictures of Davy Crockett and Jim Bowie came up first. However, Zack said,

"No, no. Carmen said she was heading to a city named for a famous fighter for Texan independence. And neither one had cities named after them."

A picture of Sam Houston came up. The Chief said, "Sam Houston was a leader in the battle for Texan independence from Mexico. Later he became president for the Republic of Texas, and then a senator when it joined the United States. Toward the end of his life, he was its governor briefly, but refused to take Texas out of the Union and was removed from the governorship. The city of Houston was named for him."

"That's as good a start as any," said Zack. "Is there any VILE activity in Houston?"

The Chief said, "You're in luck. Acme Bugnet picked up a transmission just a few minutes ago from a VILE henchman to Carmen. They've just given me the coordinates.

"The location is on Gaveston Road, near the Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center."

"Player, C-5 us to the coordinates Acme Bugnet obtained," said Ivy.

The C-5 corridor opened and Ivy and Zack disappeared inside it.

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